Tamara Schlesinger | Songwriting Tutor | ICMP London

With a CV that included international gymnastics and fashion design before she’d started singing for a living – you may have heard her singing ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ in the background of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels – Tamara Schlesinger was never likely to be content with just having the one idea as a musician. Her career began with a solo album, 2004’s From Home To Home, before evolving into the exuberant carnival of 6 Day Riot.

6 Day Riot made three albums: 2007’s Folie A Deux, 2009’s 6 Day Riot Have A Plan, 2010’s On This Island. It’s arguable that the only thing wrong with them was the timing – at the time, ukuleles, violins, and upright basses were evidence of an idiosyncratic imagination, rather than standard props for over-earnest young men with overgrown beards. Live, 6 Day Riot looked as spectacular as they sounded. Among the headliners who must have wondered whether volunteering to follow them was really that good an idea were Belle & Sebastian, Seth Lakeman, and Deacon Blue.

Tamara’s second solo album, The Procession, appeared in 2012. A step away from the dazzling circus of 6 Day Riot, it represented a gentler, more reflective, and more experimental album that placed a greater focus on Tamara’s voice. Since then she has been writing, recording, and performing as Malka. Malka’s acclaimed debut album Marching to Another Beat has seen syncs including Degrassi: Next Class, MTV: Catfish, and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, along with continued support on 6music.

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